Thursday, July 3, 2014

alice's wonderland: the nursery as it was before she arrives

Well, this is as ready as it's gonna be before our lady arrives. I've mentioned before there's a few things to add to finish it like a rug but as of now, this is what it will look like when she moves in.
The ottoman arrived today and this chair is ridiculously comfortable. I come in here to just sit and glide sometimes, watching my belly move up and down and all around.
I ordered a crib skirt. I've been mulling over the same one for months I just wanted to wait for it to be reasonably priced and now that it has it's ordered and on the way. I have one backup crib sheet and another one coming in the same skirt order.
I got a basket at Target and put the toys she can play with while little in it. It'll be an ongoing toy rotation situation, moving things she out grows in and out of it.
Flowery details for our rosy.
I found the world's most perfect mobile but due to earthquake paranoia, I went with this simple garland.
There's a lot of safety concerns with babies and bedding and things like crib bumpers so it's going to be a very simple bedding situation around here. Once she's born and sleeping in her crib I'll move the toys out of there and she'll sleep either swaddled or in a wearable blanket.
Hanging on her crib is the baby blanket sewn by her grandma.
Her namesake. Her Irish lady.
This has been unchanged for months but we added some accessories for a little lady.
My aunt bought her those cute striped shoes you see in the back and we got those headbands as gifts from our friend Laurie.
The box contains yet more headbands and another pair of sunglasses.
Classic Fisher-Price toys waiting to be loved and drooled on.
And the bottom drawer has the plush baby blankets, cotton receiving blankets, flannel receiving blankets, muslin blankets, crib sheets, changing pad liners, and spare changing pad cover. You wouldn't think you need like 10 different types of baby blankets but you just might.
Amidst the me things I like to add touches of Matt in the room.
Here's the diaper bag packed and ready and yes, it has skulls on it.
Could this be a more random assortment of baby toys?
We got some cool Honest Company diapers and I swapped out the boring newborn diapers for these awesome comic book ones. I did purchase incredibly impractical baby flip flops because why not?
Super girl. California love.
I settled on this changing pad cover and absolutely love it.
I also bought a 3 pack of changing pad liners to hopefully protect it a little more from baby poop and pee. But just look at those colors. Love them.
The top drawer is all filled up with newborn diapers and a few cloth ones. She's gonna be too small for the cloth diapers for awhile but once she gets big enough we'll make the switch.
And the cutest drawer in the room.
With teeny tiny socks, mittens, hats, pants,
Onesies, gowns, and sleep & plays. Oh and burp cloths and swaddles.
The nursing area is basically the chair, ottoman, and the side table.
The iPod nano has a white noise album loaded onto it with ocean sounds and things like that to help her sleep as well as a few playlists for us to enjoy while awake. The drawer has snacks and nursing goods.
I think above the chair is the area where I could add some large art and make a corner gallery wall type thing but… we'll see.
Bedtime books!
Diaper pail ready to go and hamper is empty, awaiting spit up baby clothes.
And now onto the closet...
I installed quite a few door hooks around the closet. I am crazy about hooks. I feel like they serve that dual purpose of decoration and utility quite well. Here's her angel hat, sun hat, baby booties, umbrella, and moby wrap ready to go.
I put out the 0-3 month clothing only and will bust out the larger stuff as needed. I aim on taking a photo of her in every single one of these little outfits before she outgrows them.
Bins and baskets for her larger clothes.
The bins to the right have a few empties for whatever I find we'll need to store that I haven't thought of.
A little feminism in the closet.
In this flowery box where a few gifts came in I put her baby cards.
And the other tiny box has the shoes from her cousin Angelina.
I thought these ledges would be a good place to store little baby shoes. The top shelf has her Disney brain washing materials.
Another big hook where I put the breast pump, baby travel toiletries, and changing station clutch.
The bookshelf is storing all the spare baby things including humidifier, bottles, and ergo carrier.
In the hamper I decided to store the play mat instead of dirty clothes. Much more handy this way.
And the bottom right of the closet is boxes and boxes of diapers and wipes. Huzzah!
And the way top has things she's still a ways away from using.
 I even got this little file folder from Staples where we'll put artwork she makes in it.
And what girl is complete without a matching clipboard?
And of course, the one thing Matt requested for clothing for any child of his.
So that's Alice's Wonderland. Now let's get an Alice to go in it.

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