Wednesday, July 16, 2014

posts to look forward to

As I am getting more sleep and able to use brain more I will be writing up a string of momma related posts for posterity. I'll just smack you with all of them every other day for the next week or so and then we'll attempt to think of things other than my beautiful baby girl. Which is pretty difficult I mean...
Subjects will include but not limited to:
- the full epic birth story
- hospital births: the good and the sucky
- all you never wanted to know about a c-section and c-section recovery (and general postpartum care)
- nursery setups that work so far
- how our house has changed to suit life with baby
- my newborn essential supplies
- breast of times: cause you totally want to hear about mom milking
- musings on new motherhood
- an update on life in general and rosy in particular

I'll try to make it a fun read but I can't promise its for everyone. I do promise pictures though, lots and lots of pictures.

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

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Man-Delicious said...

Mom milking *chuckle*