Thursday, October 30, 2014

on the hunt

I've been spending a lot of time tweaking Alice's Wonderland. Since she's sleeping in that room now I'm in there a lot and I'm trying to make the whole wonderland theme a little more cohesive. I've been pruning away at things and it just takes time to make a room feel just the right amount of nod to the story without going overboard. I'm particularly proud of this little thing. The frame reminds me of wonderland and the picture in it I just took from an old Kate Spade calendar I had. I mean, get out of town, it's got black and white flowers and a playing card with an A on it. AN A FOR ALICE!
The other thing I really want for her are black Mary Jane shoes. Not only do I want her to wear them for Christmas but I want to have them on display in the room for like, always.
Once everything is finally tweaked I'll take some good pictures of it. Just a few more things...

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