Friday, December 5, 2014

tonight i didn't put her to bed

All week at work our dismissal times have gone longer and longer as we get closer to our shoot date on Monday. Tonight's was the longest and Matt got Alice to bed at her earliest bedtime yet of 8:30 while I got home around 10. It was the first time I wasn't home to put her to bed and probably not the last and it broke my little heart.
It is So hard being away from her on those long days. Matt brought her to visit one day and we did a little facetime but I just miss her. I get so little time with her when I come home. I get the morning feeding and then I get a few minutes of holding and then its bedtime. Too little time.
It's the weekend so I will be spending my day snuggling her every second and hearing her laugh during the day. There's more to say about motherhood and working but for now, I guess I'll go to bed and when I am awakened by my Alice I will be so happy.

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Michelle said...

you are a such good mommy.