Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the master bathroom is not embarassing anymore

The good thing about DIY projects is once it's done you don't gotta do it anymore. So thankfully it's good enough for now and it's actually pretty likeable.
It wasn't without it's pains in the butt. Once the walls were painted it took all the color right out of the room and the plan was to paint the bottom cabinet blue to add color and that worked pretty well.
The bottom cabinet color I originally chose was Hale's Navy which is a beautiful color but was too purple and grey for me. So I did a quick research and went with Champion Cobalt and it was just what I was imagining.
The first thing I'd purchased were these brass handles and they're a straight steal from some blogger's kitchens I'd seen. I installed the first set using measurements and it was tricky and no good. Then I made a guide and that saved the day. If you ever have to install cabinet hardware, definitely make a guide. Time saver, life saver.
I wanted a fancy soap pump and couldn't find anything I loved so I went with a classic graphic soap pump that once the fancy stuff runs out we'll just refill with the cheap stuff. 
After buying and returning about four to five different bath rugs I ended up with yellow, predictably.
I wanted a shelf above the toilet to display things and that was a whole other rigamarole. Too big, too small, too grey. Ended up flipping a ledge I already had. Oh well.
I carefully chose the photo of Alice for her dad.
We got new towels that are nice and big and white and soft. Nate Berkus for Target.
I had ordered chrome hardware but then realized on grey walls it would just be too stark so I went with champagne bronze instead to warm it up. 
Brass-ish but modern. The stupid toilet roll holder was missing a crucial screw to keep it on the wall so I'm waiting for that to come in and that's been an ordeal and a half.
I mentioned before that I'd bought two medicine cabinets but accidentally bought the wrong size but since the sink is a single having only one in the middle looks pretty good.
It's amazing how much you can fit in these suckers.
And this is just funny to me. My side:
Matt's side. Men have it so easy.
Having it in the center leaves room on the side to eventually add some sconces of sorts, we definitely could use some more lighting. 
Leftover Mother's Day blooms make everything pretty.
Now we won't be embarrassed when I give a house tour! 

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