Tuesday, June 23, 2015

friday nights on the farm

For the past two weeks we've been hosting friends at our place on Friday nights for the summer. We haven't coined the exact phrase for the event though I've tried various configurations of alliteration with the letter F. Friday Night Fun at the Fredrich Family Farm, etc. Anyhow... it's a chill hang, a nice mix of peeps from school, church, family, work. We're doing it outside in the awesome summer night weather. The first week we did cocktails and s'mores. 
I need a fire pit but in the meantime, we used a blowtorch which was wicked fun.
I also made chocolate ice cream and served it with whipped cream or a dash of cold brew coffee. Boy was I happy that I just so happened to have tiny wooden spoons in my arsenal.
It all came about from repeatedly feeling frustrated that people never hung out and did stuff so we took matters into our own hands. Last Friday we did floats and I gotta tell you about that another time. Plus a recap of life lately.

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