Friday, June 26, 2015

wittle shoes

I am a shoe gal. I LOVE shoes. When I found out I was having a girl the first thing I bought her was shoes. Gold glittery jelly sandals that have been sitting patiently biding their time for the day when she fits into them and that time is fast approaching. Of course up until now, she hasn't had a need for shoes. From the beginning we've survived on one magical piece of footwear. The goumiboot which she wore from newborn until fairly recently. They would actually stay on her foot, they were soft, washable, and they were always in her diaper bag in case we were out and her tootsies got cold. I cannot recommend them enough for any new parent in fact, I'm heading to a baby shower on Saturday and I'm bringing a pair with. 
Her inability to walk of course, stopped nobody and in addition to the gifts of shoes I bought her two more pairs of gold shoes which she wore as much as I could stick her in them.
Well now... she walks and actually needs shoes. It's sent me in a bit of a tizzy of shoes for her because I am a shoe snob. I think it had to do with being poor and growing up wishing I had cool shoes and was stuck with Chuck Taylors back when they were not the cool they are now. I promised myself that any children of mine would be dressed in cool shoes. That means trendy, simple, unique, comfortable, tough, and practical. No crazy embellishments, no cartoon characters. Oh and the big ole wrench: NOT LEATHER. Which made these perfect options out of the question.
Salt Water sandals are supposed to be impervious and they are: so damn cute. 
These See Kai Run shoes are cool but I don't know anything about their durability.
Every trendy blogger with a baby has a pair of these. They're called Freshly Picked and they're just all kinds of adorable. They also make clothing and holy crap I want these or these.
Not to be outdone, we have a pair of these beauties waiting for Alice to fit into them.
I also like these Converse in mint.
I was really jonesing for shoes that are easy to get on and off though so hook & loop shoes are the way to go and my faves are the classics.
These two have to be black. Matt would want it that way.
I'm also really into the sneakers with that Euro style. Like these Cienta shoes. While you can have the classics be black if you're going for another shoe, a bright or out of the ordinary color like yellow or red you'll be surprised really go with a lot of your kid's clothing.
I could go for a pair of these in my size.
 I want these bad. Look at those flowers!
And yeah, I would buy my child Nikes, I would. Great shoes. It's just gonna be when her foot doesn't grow as fast as it does now.
We went to a kid's shoe store to try shoes on and Alice did try on the Crocs and they are kinda cute on little kids but I just... couldn't do it. I already have two pairs and Matt was not on board.

In the end, we got these Native shoes which I didn't realize were pretty trendy with celebs as I learned when I googled for pictures of them. The best thing about them is that they're rubbery and you can just rinse them out. She wore them to the beach, I just shook the sand off and rinsed them and dried them in the dish rack. Can't beat that!
They're a smidge too big for her but I just stick her with socks and she's good. She's still getting the hang of wearing shoes but so far I think these are gonna work out.
I hope this post was helpful to someone out there. Do you guys have any shoes you recommend that I should check out that are so cool not even I know about them?

Have a great weekend gang!

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Michelle said...

we LOVE salt water sandals. they are so cute and the totally last all summer as long as the foot still fits.