Wednesday, March 16, 2016

let there be ligh... ceiling fan

Well it's tax refund time and thanks to the responsible human being that I married, we'll be doing lots of fun things with that money like... putting it into a retirement account. Woo. But we will be allocating some funds to do a few upgrades at the farm that are over are heads. As in lighting. As in that nickle monstrosity in the dining room is just so not our style. 
When we added the ceiling lights to the living room and office I said that I wanted a pretty light fixture in the office and declined the fan idea but after yet another hot summer I have realized the error of my ways and now I'm considering a ceiling light/fan combo for the office and I am a fan of the ceiling medallion + fan combo. 
I also really want to paint or wallpaper the ceiling in that office and add crown molding, wouldn't that look pretty? Maybe detract from the ceiling fan.
Matt and I have recently become addicted to Fixer*Upper thanks to oh, all of my family so there's a chance Chip & Joanna Gaines and their EMPIRE will be inspiring us to do some fixing upping of our own.

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