Wednesday, July 31, 2013

burbank house in process: the dining area

So remember in the last house we had three dining surfaces? Well in the Burbank House we have one and to tell you the truth, it hasn't affected us in the slightest. 
I love the concept of the living and dining space being together of course I just wish it were bigger so I would not worry about where I'm gonna squeeze 12 people for the Christmas party.
This is what it looks like from the kitchen with both spaces. Now when Matt makes jokes from the couch I can actually hear them in the kitchen.
It feels like eating by a little cafe restaurant. 
The built-ins are still the same, still love them, still want to trim that curvy thing.
Did I ever show you guys the flatware drawer? Hurt me so pretty.
 And that's the dining space in the summertime.
Tomorrow, the little kitchen that can and does.

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