Tuesday, November 1, 2016

so... where we gonna put this second kid?

I've mentioned before that regardless of gender the sequel would be sharing a room with Alice because well, we have no choice really. There's three bedrooms and I want to keep the home office/playroom/guest room so sharing it is. Whew, luckily the room's already blue right? 
The baby will sleep in our room for the first few months in a bassinet but once he's sleeping all night we might put him either in the office (we might need a new baby monitor with two cameras) or have him and Alice start sharing. I just do NOT want to mess with our wonderful sleeper's habits. Her sleep is sacred to me and I'd rather suffer than wake my girl up with a crying baby brother.
As far as the decor itself... that'll have to change a bit since it's VERY Alice-centric right now. I already have a few black and white crib sheets so I'll just get a black and white changing pad cover and then add some elements to represent the baby boy we'll be going with a space theme. I honestly don't even want to focus too much on the sharing and preparing until January. 
When my sister Mari had her son Eli's room ready before he was born, Gaudy and I mentioned that we rarely ever spend time in the kid's room. All they do there is sleep and be changed. That'll change when they're older I'm sure but since most of the playing happens in the living room and playroom all I gotta do for the room will be make room for another crib or bed and make room for their clothes. That's how I feel bedrooms should be: a place for sleeping, reading, and getting dressed. That's why we don't put TVs in our rooms, I want them to be places of happy rest.

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