Monday, April 17, 2017

organizing the diaper bag for two kids

My diaper bag search had to expand with the birth of Wally. Forever we used the diaper dude diaper bag that Matt used but I wanted a backpack so I could be hands free with the kids. I bought the OhJoy one and liked it for awhile but the zippers gave out thanks to us overstuffing it and so I figured it was time for an upgrade and got this one which I love, so far because it has so many pockets.
For everyday trips we use Matt's bag but if we leave the house for hours/the day we take my bag which is more prepared for anything. The back pocket closest to the straps has the diapers and changes of clothes. With two kids and the California weather I like to have one short and one long sleeved shirt and leggings for each kid. I keep a sweater for Alice, and PJs for both. If you think the color coordination is an accident: it's not. I made sure the kids tops and bottoms had a color family just for my sanity. I can't match the kids but I like to dress them in similar colors. I also keep a muslin blanket that I stuff way at the bottom of the bag that I can use as a spit rag, a blanket, and a cover.

This little pouch has the accessories like a bib, socks, bows for Alice, and hats for Wally.
The bags, both from SkipHop are great double duty things. The chevron thing is the diaper pad thing. The item on the right is a wet bag with a very special double feature.
So the diaper pad holds diapers, it folds out into a changing pad, and has wipes. So if you gotta change a kid, you just grab this thing and it has all you need, so long as you make sure it's stocked which Matt is great at and I am so-so at. Here it is unfolded and they really thought it through, there's a little bit of padding where the little babes head goes.
The mesh part is where I keep the wipes.
The zippered part is where we stash the diapers.
The wet/dry bag (which I don't see the pattern we bought) also has two functions. The front is a clear mesh thing that I put Alice's clothes in.
The back zipper has a protective lining so you can put soiled clothing in it while you're out and about.
Once I put all those things in the bag this is what the back pocket looks like. The bottom right pocket has Wally's clothes and the left has more diapers.
And this is what it looks like when I shove the diaper changing pad in there.
The top pocket keeps those little saviors we know as pacifiers.
The front pocket, top row (and here the photography got lazy): left to right: I put a toothbrush for Alice, spoon, pen, pencil, notebook, and a reusable bag.
The bottom row has ready to use formula bottles just in case and a bottle that Wally uses easier than those ready to use bottles and once we run out of those ready to use ones we'll have some backup formula in powder form with a dispenser thing in here. The other side holds her snacks, our snacks, and a fetching plastic bib for her to catch her pizza sauce mess.
The cool thing is the three bottom pockets have insulated lining so it'll keep drinks cold or warm should you need that to happen.
Left is a burpy bib that is both burp cloth and can be wrapped around your kid's neck and secured with a clasp to make a bib. Clever right? The right is a nursing cover that can be used for a few things of which I didn't realize one of them until I just now clicked on the pictures on amazon. I shove these two items into the top of this pocket.
The very front pocket I keep the little essentials.
This stuff. I realize I am obsessed with having bandages on me at all times. It's a disease.
The front also has this pocket as well and I keep empty or put my wallet in when I'm out with the kids by myself and don't wanna have a separate purse.
Side pockets hold her and my water bottles/sippy cups.
The back is super padded and comfy.
And has a bonus secret zipper. Feel like I should keep either cash or a knife in here.
And I wouldn't have bought it without this: stroller straps.
Is it heavy with all this junk in it? Oh yeah. But... kinda necessary when we're out all day.

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