Tuesday, July 26, 2011

happiness is nieces

After my whole blue feeling, things sure did pick up. Maybe because my job was over and I could stay at home and babysit this monkey.
I love pictures of my kids with my sisters' kids.
We did some cleaning around the house together.
My mom and Angie came by as did our friend Toni: all 9+ months of pregnancy of hers and picked up her belated baby shower gift. She was thankful for the gift and the preview of her life since she's having a girl as well. She said Matt and I would be the most prepared parents on the planet, I gotta agree with her. After watching my sisters do it, shoot, I can do it... if I were drunk/crazy/on drugs.
The girls wanted to help her open the bag and kept handing her the items. It was a game.
Then we went for a walk and Angie just LOVED Lyla's buggy. She didn't want to get out.
My mom borrowed a hat.
Matt and the boys came too obviously. My men are so handsome, be jealous.
The girls traded spots and Angie tried to help push Lyla.
Then she walked Woz. What a good dog, he walked slowly to keep up with her, wouldn't tug, wouldn't shake things up, he was just being a perfect pooch.
Of course I was right behind making sure she didn't drop the leash. Never did once.
After the big day the girls got baths. My how time has flown.
Lyla finally knocked out and Angie had her cutest moment so far. We told her she had to be quiet 'cause Lyla was sleeping and we were whispering so she started whispering. When Liz came home she and I pretended to talk and Angie turned toward where we were and SHUUSHED us! MELT.
Moral of the story: Lyla + Angie = Happy EvY.

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