Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oskar blues

On the 1st day in Longmont, I got to hang out with these wonderful people I love. 
Uncle Roger, Jay, Anna, and I had dinner at Oskar Blues. After a week of road food, nasty cafes, and drive-thru, I just wanted a vegetable. So I had an arugula, beet, and local goat cheese salad and a side of asparagus. Best meal of the week. The local goat cheese, can't beat it.
Jay and Anna were brave or crazy and went for a macaroni and cheese pizza.
This kid STRETCHED since the last time I saw him.
And she was just as beautiful as ever.
Uncle Rog came into LA on Sunday so it was funny to see him so quickly after a long stretch.
Since we were eating at a place where there was a giant list of local brews I was debating whether or not I was allowed to order a beer. I really wanted one but I didn't know if it was okay or not what with the kids there and Uncle Rog. Matt's family aren't boozers, not that mine are, in fact my mom gets all outraged about it which we would respect if we believed her but we know she's putting on a show. Why would he bring me to a brewery and not expect me to order one I asked myself. Thankfully, he started up with describing which beers was the best so I knew it was cool when he ordered one so I did too. 
The outside looked adorable. Next time I'll go out there.
If you're ever in Longmont, CO, do yourself a favor and drop by Oskar Blues. It's got great local grown food and beer. What else could you want?

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