Monday, April 7, 2014

a la mirada-icious weekend

It was a good weekend full of a lot of food and a lot of family. Saturday we just hung out but for dinner we went to El Cholo in La Habra, a family favorite. During the family prayer Poppa Dan mentioned the four generations around one table and that got grandma all teary eyed. 
When Matt's mom was a girl she would eat here and get a toy from the treasure chest, her kids did too, and her kid's kids. Isn't that something? Decades of cheap $1 toys that bring so much joy.
The nieces really wanted to feel the baby kick and of course she wouldn't perform once prompted.
On Sunday after church we made a pit stop to the newly opened 85ยบ Bakery Cafe in Buena Park. We lucked out and there were no lines so I piled on the pastries and had a big ole cup of sea salt iced coffee. It's the end of my second trimester this week gang. Next week begins the ole home stretch.
Believe it or not after the pile of pastries we had lunch at Gondola Pizza, another family favorite.
Then we got picked up by the groom's mom and headed to a bridal shower. Did I ever mention the funny story of how a girl from my former floor and I are going to be related? When we first met our cousin's then girlfriend now fiancee, she mentioned her sister had gone to Biola. I put two and two together with the last name and what do you know we knew each other. It'd been years since we'd seen each other and now we're gonna be family. Small world huh? The little critters on her lap were two of the girl babies that were hanging out at the party. Both were fairly pleasant and very adorable.
And because none of the photos of me with the bride to-be were to the satisfaction of this here chubby pregnant face, here's a photo of the groom's mom, the bride, the matchmaker aunt, and the other beloved aunt.
It was a great weekend and I should not eat like that for another few weeks.

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