Tuesday, April 1, 2014

her room right now

Ah, that is the sound of a crazy woman feeling relieved that once she gets a mattress, her baby has a place to sleep if nothing else. Assembling it was definitely a two person operation, one held a rail while the other screwed it into place. After a few minutes, ta-da, crib.
I got some curtains for the room and yes, they're red, like the queen of hearts.
I think I want to add some blackout lining to it, just because the red creates a funny glow in the room.
Shuffled the cabinet around a little to make room for some pretty things.
We put great-grandpa Plank's old minor league hat and Matt's little league glove.
And this yellow radio belonged to grandma and great grandma.
Here's the little wonderland accessories: white rabbit, drink me bottle, little box for jewels, jar for baby bows, and a couple of special editions of Alice in Wonderland.
The little box and tree will be for headbands and such. Aww her wittle golden jellies.
Over the changing table I installed a smaller shelf with red brackets.
I put stuff up there that her dad will enjoy while he's changing her. I also put a little box of q-tips and cotton rounds and put up the healing balm and lotion for her.
I did buy the we're all mad here print and luckily had a frame on hand.
This just needs a little changing pad.
Her drawers look pretty much the same.
To the left you see we still need to move those boxes.
I finally tested out that glider and it's definitely a winner. We're hoping to buy it next month.
And she's got a looking glass ready to check herself out in.
The closet stayed the same color as the room, elephant grey. It's a good neutral.
Nothing in here is set as it will be but this is the state it's in right now.
I hope to hang some stuff around the place but waiting to see where the glider and rug situation land and then add things there accordingly.
I could have bought a fancy hamper but this one from Ikea was the prefect size.
I had to get her this little romper before they sold out. It's too perfect.
That's some good progress I think. 
Still to do:
• move boxes into shed
• buy glider and ottoman
• buy rug
• buy mattress
• replace light fixture
• disperse eventual clothing + gifts into closet & re-organize that

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