Monday, April 14, 2014

trimester three!

I woke up this morning to an alert from my pregnancy App telling me that I am now in my third trimester and to "get ready for the big finish and a new beginning". This is the current state of me:
I can tell this girl is gettin' bigger because her movements, while in the beginning were adorable and like little flutters are now big ole alien movements and at times, uncomfortable; like someone poking you very slowly from the inside.

How am I feeling? Overall pretty good, I love the kindness of strangers and smiles I get from friends and co-workers when they see me. I was a big hit at the wedding with Matt's family. It's been four years since we've had a baby in the family and I think everyone was ready for another one (luckily they were all polite enough to never pressure or ask about the state of the uterus but now I know they were all praying for it). The extra weight has put a little strain on my lower back, as I expected, since I suffered from lower back/hip pain before I was pregnant. I can barely make a lap around Target without feeling like I really need to sit down for a spell. Luckily my job requires I sit in front of a computer all day.

The food aversion is still there though my food repertoire has expanded somewhat. And just when you think I'm done barfing… the other day I made myself some eggs and tortillas and then decided to drink a glass of milk. Well little miss Alice was not having that and barf! I get nauseated or a gross kinda taste in my mouth a few times a day but it's much better than before. Honestly the food thing is the only bothersome part of this pregnancy, everything else I can deal with so yes, I might be crazy enough to do this again. But… let's take it one kid at a time. And this kid has me feeling very very happy.

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