Thursday, April 17, 2014

backyard progress

Well we're all back to work. I started last week on Thursday and the gents got to work on the backyard. Digging trenches for the new sprinklers, leveling out the ground, and adding electricity.
Supervisor Woz approves.
Here's the nice clean slate ready for some more action. Where the shady are is where we'll put the dining table/outdoor desk for Mrs. Alexa.
Dining area again. Those posts will eventually have a modern looking fence. We're installing outlets for laptops and such on the fence, see that little pole sticking up? Electricity my friends.
To the left of this shed is where we'll put the play area for Miss Alice.
You can see the sprinkler system up and ready. Around there is where I'd like to put a doggy pee area. 
Here's an outlet by the lounge area. For laptops or outdoor lamps and such.
Here's a sample paver that will become our path around the whole place.
It's so refreshing to see the beginning of something. A nice clean slate.
The boys are doing minor tweaks today and then will pick up again next week. We have a busy weekend out of town again so my goal of starting the front yard garden will have to wait. 

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