Monday, August 11, 2014

how do single moms do it?

I've been writing a lot about my life as a mom 'cause duh, my blog but before you think I'm some sort of hero, which I totally am (and totally kidding), I'm gonna remind you that it takes two to hero and my other half is often my hero. 
When I can confidently leave to take a shower and say "she's all yours" and not worry about her being okay, he's my hero. When it's 6am and I've tried for two hours to get her to sleep and I am losing my ish and he takes her to the living room with pacifier and swaddle and just tries to get her to sleep so I can get some sleep, he's my hero. When he wakes up from a nap and first thing he does is look for us and offers food, water, or to help, he's my hero. When he takes it upon himself to do the dishes every single day without question and mow the lawn and vacuum the house and do the grocery shopping, he's my hero. When he has a day of work and still wakes up with me at night even though I told him I'd take the night shift so he could sleep, he's my hero.

And now I have a serious appreciation for dads and especially single mothers. 'Cause holy crap, you need two people to make it and how do these women do it?!

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