Monday, August 18, 2014

new coffee table for the office

Check it out! I finally got a coffee table for the office!
If you're wondering why it looks so familiar its because it's the coffee table from the living room. I've been making mock ups of potential coffee tables for years and this coffee table has remained the one I've wanted for this room. So after knocking my head trying to find a different one for this room I went ahead and just took it from the living room and got a different one for that area.
I kept thinking I needed a coffee table that was a neutral color since it would be in a room with so many different colors, what's more neutral than clear? Now I have all the magazines I need to read on display and I still have a big surface to eat or drink a pot of tea. 
The office unfortunately suffers from the too much furniture syndrome. Other than the side table to the left of the coffee table, most everything is pretty necessary in this room since it has to do so much and it has to store so much stuff. 
Maybe I should try to do a big cleanse of things and therefore not need so much furniture in this room. I think about that weekly. Unfortunately I suffer from the boy scout syndrome of always wanting to be prepared. Sure, I may not have a use for 10 different tiny boxes now… but someday… 
The coffee table for the living room is a simple white Ikea one.
It didn't cost much, it's sturdy and made of metal and is on casters so we can roll it away once our little friend becomes mobile.
It's also cool that it's white in case I wanna switch it up with the one in the office and it's also two tiered for book display and still allowing an eating surface. Currently on display at the top is Alice's pacifier clip and some pistachios.
I would have cleaned it up but I had to take the pictures fast since I was holding someone that is refusing to nap again.

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