Tuesday, August 5, 2014

these dumb things

For some reason every Target in mine or my in-laws vicinity had run out of these guys:
I dunno why I feel the need to tell you about the triumph in the fact that my Target finally got some in stock and I bought 4 packs. And since I didn't know what Target officially called them I couldn't find them online to order them. Now that I know, I'm set.

See... I had received as gifts a few outfit type things that fit best in the nursery closet with these type of hangers that come with clips to keep the tops and bottoms together. I had a few already but they got used up quick and I needed more and could not find them anywhere!

Its one of those baby gifts no one ever gives a new mom that would be so appreciated. So as a hot tip, next baby shower you go to, gift a woman these and she will be so thankful. It may not be cutesy and fun but trust me, so practical.

This post may be the 4am delirium talking...

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

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