Thursday, August 21, 2014

i still think about decorating most of the time

I spend my in-between times nursing Alice on the internets browsing pretty things on my usual blogs and pinterest. I don't spend time looking at baby things, I spend time thinking about remodeling my bathroom. And other bathroom. And closet. And kitchen.
It's easy to look at prettier kitchens than mine and feed depressed or inspired to do something about ours. Sometimes I want to get proactive and bust out the measuring tape and play around with the online kitchen designing Ikea tool and plan out what I would do if I were to remodel our kitchen.
And then I think, "Dude, we're fine. We're blessed. If I didn't do a single thing to this house for the next 10 years, we'd be perfectly okay." You know why? 'Cause we OWN A HOUSE IN AMERICA! How many people can say that?! We have TWO bathrooms. We have central air conditioning. We have a room where our tiny child can have her own room and another EXTRA room where there's another TV and another couch and another coffee table where if we had friends or family visit, they could sleep there on a bed and not the couch in the living room. THAT'S AMAZING!!
Sometimes I take showers and I think about how nice it is that we have running water. That we can just turn on some knobs and have warm, clean water fall on our bodies to clean ourselves. It's a strange thought but there it is. We really are better off than the majority of the world and often better than a lot of the country. Roof over our heads. Food in our tummies. Love in our hearts.
It's easy, seeing as how I spend a lot of time at home walking from room to room and staring at walls, to think about what I could change to improve the place. It's easy to complain. It's easy to wish. But it's hard to just be happy where you are and be grateful for what you have. And man oh man, I am a very grateful human being. My family has had tough times with money and making end's meet so what right have I to complain about anything? Our life is good. Real good.
Someday we might redo the kitchen. Someday we might redo the guest bath. Heck, someday I might even get different nigh stands for the master bedroom. Today: I'm perfectly content.

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