Wednesday, January 7, 2015

cabinets, vacuums, steam mops, + general cleanliness

In a few short months we will have a mobile child. She will spend a lot of her time just inches from the floors of our house. The very notion is keeping me up. Literally, its 3am, my household is asleep and I am madly looking up steam mops, vacuums, pet hair removal handheld vacuums, etc. etc.

By and large Matt and I are very neat people. Organized, tidy, generally neat. But are we clean? I mean, sure, we do the occasional wipe downs and scrubs but as Alice is laying on the floor and touching things and playing with toys that touch things that end up IN HER MOUTH you become more concerned about health and safety. The rug in her room that stays closed most of the day gets lint and pet hair on it due to us tracking things from our shoes onto it from the rest of our house. Honestly, we don't vacuum as much as we should. Once weekly maybe. Should be every other day. I should wipe surfaces more often, I should return the concept of bleach to our home, I should hire a cleaning lady once a month to do a deep cleaning, I should get rid of the cats, I should change the fuzzy rug in our living room, I should should should. Gah!

This year what I want in terms of upgrades for our home: cabinets. Eff this open shelving business, that just attracts dust. I want to hide everything behind doors so its safe from little hands and it stays dust/pet hair free. I want cabinets for our bathroom, cabinets for the laundry room, and to replace the table behind the sofa with something that has sliding doors to actually store things like toys and blankets instead of just for looking pretty. Plus, hiding things behind doors keeps things looking pretty.

I ordered a new steam mop and vacuum and am plotting my rug switch and looking up how to clear up residue-y sinks without bleach. I want a roomba to help so bad but they are expensive. I'm probably going to be finding another home for the main fur problems soon as well. (anyone want two 9 year old very nice kitties?)

Why do parenthood priorities/mom madness thoughts hit at the times when I should be sleeping?

- mobile blog post. spelling irrelevant.

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