Wednesday, January 14, 2015

winter clean-up (and house goals)

Matt & I have been cleaning and organizing and embracing our "urge to purge" lately. It's a feeling that hits me where I'm more inclined to get rid of things I'm on the fence about. We've gone through almost every nook and cranny at home and the outdoor shed with this resolve. It usually happens around the beginning of the year when the concept of resolutions and being more organized and such is on people's minds. It's definitely on our mind.
So the goals for the house for 2015 are:
1) install upper cabinets in the laundry room
2) paint the master bedroom
3) paint the living room
4) plant lots of greenery in the backyard
5) plant more veggies in the front yard
6) install some shade over the seating area in the backyard
7) replace the table behind the sofa for something with sliding doors
8) new nightstand and lighting combination for the master bedroom
9) build some shelving for the master bathroom
10) paint the master bathroom

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