Monday, January 19, 2015

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You know how there's something you keep wanting to do and you're looking for the right thing and then next thing you know it takes years? It's been that with the nightstands and well, the master bedroom in general. It's been in the plan since 2011 and then when we moved it was still pretty much the same. The bed finally arrived making the former nightstands that were a temporary solution about 7 years ago when we got married an even worse fit for the room and I'd been looking and looking for awhile for the right stands.
These were a happy compromise. Once the bed was in place the size of whatever I was going to buy determined pretty much everything first. After that I wanted something that was in midcentury style, one drawer and one open shelf, dark wood, and pretty low to the ground where there wouldn't be much space under the dresser. I tried to find something actually vintage but after these guys went on sale, I just went for it. 
We are happy with them. 
I wish it would look perfectly styled and beautiful but this is the real life. 
I love that I can hide away the unsightly stuff.
Eventually for the home tour photos I'll style it all pretty and such, I tried here.
But most of the time it's got this stuff on it. Baby monitors are trending. Look it up.
I put my slippers under my dresser and Matt did the same thing. Soul mates.
And here's Alice being adorable as per usual.
So what's left to do in there:
1) paint the room
2) wallpaper the ceiling with constellation wallpaper
3) replace the lamps with brass sconces
4) buy a record player

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