Monday, January 5, 2015

christmas decor around these parts

The only difference with our decor this year was that we added gold to our usual black and white and silver. I mixed metals and I liked it.
I did procure an additional stocking for the newest member of our family but was unable to find her a suitable stocking pin so it stayed empty. I even tried bidding on one on ebay but lost. Next year I may just have to purchase three matching ones.
I'd given my sister Mari one of our trees to use at her house since they didn't have one for their new home and that one had a bunch of gold ornaments so I used them on this tree instead. I did buy a few gold jewel ones from Ikea that were cute though, I mean, what's $5.
West Elm sold these gold deco letters so I bought one for each of us to add to the tree. I did consider using these for the stocking but they're comically large next to the stockings. On the tree they're good.
Our ornament this year was a picture frame that said 2014 and I put my favorite newborn picture of Alice in it. I remember that morning so vividly, unable to sleep in that hospital bed, staring at my new baby, could not believe she was real.
It's January 4 when I took this photo and we still have gifts under the tree since Lyla and Vincent have yet to pick them up. That front gift is for Alice but it just looked so cute I haven't opened it for her. It's balls. 'Cause babies like balls.
Hot chocolate and gold glittery spoons are decor right?
The pink frames are from the Christmas party so just you know, never mind.
Office decorations are all the same except that the tree that I used to keep in here is now in Alice's room and at the time of photo taking she was napping in her crib and I didn't wanna mess with that.

There's a fancy candle on here that makes the room smell so amazing. I've had it for three years I think since I burn it for a short bit of time once a year.
During the season I had this foldable table in the middle of the room for gift wrapping and it was so nice to have this extra work space. It kept the rest of the house free of gift wrap crap.
This hand soap smells so pine-y and full of Christmasness but OMG I do NOT want to put it back in the box so I think I'll just use whatever's left and find some other Christmas scented soap next year.
I'll take pics and post up Alice's Christmas room soon. Our room had zero Christmas. I had the tiny white tree in there ready but I never put up the teeny ornaments. Next year hopefully.

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