Monday, February 2, 2015

alice at the halfway to a year mark

When you're in the fog of baby life you fail to realize how big your baby has become. She was such a little snuggly thing and now she's this moving shaking small person. Look at that grin. 
It wasn't until I saw the photos my sister took when we got all five grand babies together on Sunday that it hit me. All of a sudden my baby had grown four sizes and I was just trying to catch up.
She reaches for everything now. Nothing around is safe, she wants to touch everything.
She sits up mostly but tips over often. She rolls herself all over the floor and scoots herself backwards ending up clear across where she started. She's getting close to figuring out how to crawl. She laughs at things now. I thought she didn't even know how to laugh she is a big smiler but I hadn't made her laugh the way I do now. But she is a smiler. She's always smiling at everything and everyone.
She is going through a phase where if I'm not in eyesight she gets hysterical. I hear that happens around this age, separation anxiety. She fights sleep like it's her job and has some annoying baby tricks she pulls when she doesn't want to go to sleep like humming to herself, scratching whatever's nearby (sometimes its me), and will keep her eyes open refusing to sleep for upwards of an hour. At least she lays there quietly in her protest. She has two tiny bottom teeth and she bites me while I'm nursing her sometime and that is so not fun.
But she looks like an angel, she smells like heaven, she makes me so happy I cry.

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