Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the cuddle couch

After much consideration, Matthew and I welcomed a new member of Ikea to our family. It's a boy. His name is Kivik corner sofa which is a new version of the Kivik sofa they released either last year or the year before. We've been wanting to get a sectional for the living room and while I considered a few others, we just didn't want to spend a lot of money so Ikea it was.
We also got the matching ottoman with storage for our blankets. Here you see our current arrangement of baby paraphanelia during the day. I do mean to write an update on baby gear...
When pushed up against this corner  it makes for a giant seating area where Alice can hang while we sit next to her and she happily plays with her toys and thinks about crawling. But more importantly it is a giant area where we can lay there with a blanket and snuggle while watching TV. It's pretty nice.
I really like the navy blue color, breaks up all the black in there but I am thinking about the other accent powers in the room and a new room board mockup with it in place.
It's way more comfortable than the old couch.
And most importantly, Alice likes it a lot.

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Michelle said...

that baby is so pretty.