Friday, February 27, 2015

alice's latest happenings

She's getting ready to crawl. She takes a few moves towards maybe crawling and then sits back up. I don't know why I want her to crawl so much. We're not baby proof ready. Not even a bit.
She rolls herself up to sitting from any position. One of the most adorable and pathetic sights is walking in to her room and watching her sit with her back to one of the crib sides sometimes crying, just waiting to be picked up. She sits up for a lot longer now and can often catch herself if she starts tipping over. Sometimes she does go head first into the floor though. Poor thing.
She eats food with her teeny hand. Here she is (despite the look on her face) enjoying a strawberry. She can also hang onto and nibble on apples and bread and lots of veggies. When she's doing that I just stare and stare at her. I had no idea watching a baby eat would be so exciting.
She's still going through that separation anxiety thing where if we are out of sight she goes bonkers. We've remedied the situation by just putting her in a bouncy chair and keeping her nearby.

The separation anxiety unfortunately translates to bedtime. We'd been doing well putting her to bed around 7pm and then she'd wake up at 6am and I'd feed her and sometimes she'd go back to bed. It was glorious. But right now. Oh man. After the usual last nurse of the day and slight rocking, aha closes her eyes. But once she realizes she's being put in her crib she wakes up and starts crying. And screaming. It's been a rough few nights. We let her cry herself to sleep once and I let her sleep in our bed once and it was not a good night of sleep for momma since she rolls around and kicks me in the face. She might be teething as well. She does the same thing for naps too. It's... not fun. 

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