Tuesday, April 21, 2015

laundry room update part I

How long have I been talking about installing cabinets in this room? Way too long right? Well it finally happened, or is in the process of happening, I'm taking a put the baby to bed/dinner/blog break, then gotta finish the other side. Here's the room before.
The eventual plan is to get a front loading washer and dryer and then install a surface on top for folding clothes and sorting or putting junk on it. That won't happen until the new washer and dryer so in the meantime Matt ok'd the cabinet purchase since that won't change regardless.
 While the nougat was napping I assembled the frame.
And then after she woke up we finished! I did most of the work with Matt holding the baby and handing me things like doors or knobs or lending moral support. So much storage! Everything in that little side cabinet fit plus there's room for more stuff and we still have one more cabinet to go!
So here's the right side that's wider. How did we achieve that bottom open shelf thing? It was so simple: buy a shorter door. I'd kept pinning laundry rooms that had that look but it wasn't until I went to Ikea that I realized how it was done.
Okay, now that I've eaten my frozen mac n' cheese, put to bed the baby, and eaten the head off an easter chocolate bunny, back to work with me.

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