Monday, April 13, 2015

mini ideas for the master bath

This is what the master bathroom looks like without junk in it. I'd show you what it looks like with junk in it but it's just too embarrassing. The long term plans for it would of course be to rip the whole thing up and move everything and install a double sink and make things purty but that's a few years down the road but I've been getting a hankering to do a mini makeover in the meantime. It's a room that's been woefully neglected and it's too bad since we do use it oh, a LOT. 
Someday I hope it would look a little more like these pretty places:
But in the meantime I was thinking of smaller things we can do while we wait with things that would survive for the big remodel. For example, some holders, the faucet, towels, bath mats, a little shelf, a new shower curtain, and medicine cabinets. And painting the bottom cabinet and installing some hardware.
I'm really into brass right now and so is the rest of the decorating world thankfully.

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