Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the living room as prepped for company (and everyday)

The rug has to go. It was fine in Alice's room but we swapped them because the one there now just was a pain to deal with and now it's bad in there too. Let's just say fuzzy rugs plus crawling baby equals a lot of "what's in your mouth?!" A rug in here will be the last thing bought because they tie the whole room together and the room is just not ready for a "finishing touch". 
Currently what's probably gonna go is the curtains. Or at least where the couch is because they're too long and it would be better to have something that could be easily accessed like blinds. I still like the curtains on this side of the room for the most part but now that there's a blue couch, the turquoise seems I dunno, unnecessary? Too much? I sort of like the idea of emerald green curtains.
Day to day we have this thing cluttered with our daily in and out stuff like a pile for our wallets and sunglasses but this is what it looks like for company. On a more overall philosophy, we need more family pictures on display. Back in La Mirada we had a lot of wall space and I had family pics everywhere but now there's a severe lack of wall space. I think I might switch out pictures in the kitchen with family pictures instead of food pictures because come on, who cares about food pictures, family is what matters and now we have a cute baby to proudly share with the world.
This yellow box I can't believe has been with me as long as it has. Right now it's hiding Alice's toys in the living room. I had no idea baby toys would suddenly be everywhere in the house. When company's over it serves nicely as a side table though.
The entry way. We want a new door.
And when the baby's around, the ottoman is off to the side for maximum baby play area or right in front of where Matt sits and puts his feet up to watch ballgames (we now have cable!).
Her car seat usually sits here when we load her in and out of the house.
And she's usually hanging out here and using both of those baby contraptions to pull herself up on and practice her walking skillz. She moved quickly to pulling herself up once she figured out the crawling thing, she wastes no time finding a way to climb up.
The place is much better when there's a baby in it huh? It's true. So so true.

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