Saturday, April 25, 2015

before and after: the laundry room

I am terrible about remembering to post before and after photos. So before the next round of makeovers at the farm happen, here's the laundry room over the years.

Here's what it looked like when we saw it the first time on 4/22/12. Yowser.
Here's what it looked like after they flipped it and painted it on the day we were doing the inspection 12/29/13. Much improved.
Here's what it looked like in 2013 with all our junk in it. The paint color looks worse here than in person. Honestly doesn't look this awful.
Here's what it looked like in 2014 after we painted it blue before Alice was born but still with our junk in it. Isn't it funny how you think something looks so much better until you make it even better then you're like, ugh, I thought that looked good?
And here it is now. 4/22/15, exactly three years after we saw it for the first time!
That was fun! We'll be doing that for the other rooms as we improve them. Maybe I'll go back and show you the other rooms. Okay, baby is napping, dad's on his way, time to tackle the master bath.

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