Friday, July 10, 2015

alice is one

Matt and I recounted the days leading up to and Alice's birth last night. The labor, the waiting, seeing her for the first time, holding her for the first time and then we talked about what it was like in the newborn days and the burp cloths everywhere and the breastfeeding pillows and after we recounted it all we were so tired. It was tiring just talking about those early days with our beautiful girl. 
I get birth days now. It's the day that you met a very special person and once a year you celebrate the day that you met that person. Not only that but that person had been really close to you, so close they would hear your heart beat all day and you could feel them moving. And after all that time of wondering and thinking about them you finally meet them and although you spent so many months dreaming about them you still couldn't believe your eyes when you finally saw them.
She was born with open eyes my Alice. She wanted to see the world and take it all in and she didn't want to waste time closing them. She was curious and content as if she knew that in time she would do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. And it's strange to say that about someone I've only known for a year but it's a very important year that first one. In this one year she went from helpless to mobile and as I watch her grow and learn I am amazed by how well I know her. And even so she surprises me every day but not as surprised as I am by how much I would love her and how easy she makes my job as a mother just by being herself. Her happy and calm personality is such a gift, followed closely by just how stinking cute she is.
This year went by so quickly and now my baby is one. We are so lucky she is who she is.

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