Saturday, July 25, 2015

'round here

I just finished a three week job and looks like I'll be off next week and we have BIG plans for what we're gonna do with that one week off that we didn't do for the month we had off prior to that. Like haircuts. Planting things in the backyard. Organizing the office. Cleaning out the master closet. Organizing the shed. Going to the LACMA, the beach, the pool. Etc. 

The three week job was pretty great. It was fairly simple so I was able to pull normal hours during the prep and wrap days and be home in time to not only bathe her and put her into bed but we actually went out to dinner a few times. Since I was the boss I would also get to the office a little later in the mornings and be able to grab her in the morning, dress her, and make us breakfast. Imagine that! It just confirmed what a good idea it was to move up to be closer to work and therefore home and my husband and child would be close by too. 
No place like home where you can have zero regard for everyone else's needs and park taking up two parking spots. Geez Alice, you have a lot to learn about LA driving and parking.

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