Tuesday, July 7, 2015

her 1st birthday party and my 1st baby party

This Saturday is Alice's 1st birthday party and my first kid party. Well kinda... the 1st birthdays are for the parents. Light 'em up we made it amiright?!
The theme as I've planned since before she was born is Flamingo Fiesta and it's pretty much just... flamingo. Flamingo. Flamingo. Flamingo. Did I mention flamingo?

Of course since the party isn't until Saturday I won't write about it and of course I went back to work this week so I'm just hoping I can remain stress-free and with the chill vibe I'm going for her birthday. I swear it's taking everything in my power to keep this party as effortless looking as possible and you all know me and how nuts I can get about parties but I am trying. I promise! I ordered everything way ahead of time and after sending out the invites that almost made me cry, I've simplified everything I can to avoid tears. No crying. No stressing. Just flamingos. Lots of them.

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