Tuesday, September 8, 2015

a few firsts

Over the holiday weekend (and I don't know if I've mentioned how important they are but to a working mother, forget it, three days is just the right amount of weekend, two days is really not long enough) I got to spend some time with my #1 and got to experience some interesting firsts. 
I had to go into the office on Friday for a few hours so she went with me and in order to entertain her I handed her an unzipped bag of cables to play with. I think she sat quietly for about 5-7 minutes taking them out and putting them back in. It was the longest I've ever seen her sit quietly at an activity other than sleeping as she has indeed inherited my attention span. 
She's also getting really close to getting the fact that "mamamama" is me. It's pretty exciting to hear that she does like me and notices when I leave and return from a room or into our house. She does still want me around even though she can live apart from me!
I witnessed my first tantrum this weekend. I took something away from her and she was not happy about it. She bent forward, put her little hands on the ground, smacking it, and cried. I saw a few more all related to us taking things away from her that she really shouldn't be playing with. We also spent a lot of time re-arranging our living room so we could avoid future arguments but still there were definite expressions over her belief that she needed to chew on that pencil and I didn't see it that way. I don't even know what to do about them yet. The first time I saw it I was in a rush to get us out so I just ignored her, made note of the move, and then gave her a plush toy and put her in her car seat and her tantrum was over. But I could see that she is very much... a toddler. She communicates. She whines. She points. She laughs big belly laughs. She bounces around like crazy.
She also got her first cold. Runny nose. Hoarse. That's about it. She was otherwise her awesome self and full of energy and fun. Too much energy. Twice this weekend when it was bedtime she fell asleep on her bottle and then fell asleep on me and I sat there holding her as long as I could and loving it. But the cold was interesting. I was worried she wouldn't be able to sleep and then texted my mom friends to see what they did. She got vapo rub, humidifier, extra cuddles. They seemed to work because the runny nose is way down. Oh let's talk about toddlers hating to have their noses drained by a totally cool and useful nose sucking device. It's for your own good! Look at her here though, winding herself up before bedtime, bouncing all over the couch. No wonder she knocked out.
I know this toddler part is the hardest phase. What book do I need to read? I like reading books and then taking the good parts and then catering it to my abalone. I'm reading 'bringing up bebe' which is good so far but any others?
We're gonna make it through toddler-hood Alice, we are. Let's hang in there together.

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Michelle said...

I hate to tell you this but all the ages and stages are the hardest... and I haven't read a book since before I had kids so read some and tell me what they say.