Tuesday, September 8, 2015

friday night fun at the farm: s'mores and cocktails

This summer we hosted people over our house three times on a Friday night. It was mostly the same setup where we'd set up the couch with an umbrella to shield us from the setting sun
I'd put a cute tablecloth on the outdoor table and make the place generally appealing.
For the first night we did s'mores and cocktails. I made montauk mules and some summer ale concoction.
Due to lack of grill, I blowtorched the marshmallows. It was very effective.
We had my family and some church friends over.
I'd also made chocolate ice cream and put some coffee in it and topped it with whipped cream for a little bonus. It was pretty tasty.
Alice was still not walking much so we just put her in the playpen and let her chill and she was pretty content. She would hate it now, what a difference a few months makes.
Lookit my little niece Jarah. She's all, what you talkin' bout dad.
The good thing about these gatherings is that since we're home I can put her to bed and keep hanging out and just keep an eye on her with the monitor. We've gotten used to hosting at home for her sake and it works out.
So that was the First Friday Night Fun at the Fredrich Family Farm of the Summer.

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