Friday, September 18, 2015

yeah it's the weekend!

We survived another few stage jobs and we have a possible job coming up week after next which means next week I get to hang with this perfection in child form.
Also happening next week is that Matthew and I will be celebrating the 8th anniversary of the founding of FredrichCorp, the nation's leading marriage between an Evelyn and Matthew. What can I say about being married to Matt for 8 years? I'll tell you on the 22nd after some overly verbose musing on marriage, my husband, being parents, and a photo of our wedding day. I have a system, I aim not to deviate from it.
God willing there are a few things in the works that have put me in a ridiculously good mood. Tonight Matt has a Monsterpalooza. Saturday we have a pool date with a friend and her baby, then the LA County Fair, then a goodbye party for a friend's son who's off to the Navy. Sunday we have church and a small group. Monday we are heading down to drop our nougat off with her grandma to spend our first night baby-free at... DISNEYLAND. The following day, our anniversary, we'll be spending the day in Walt's Kingdom and dining at Carthay hopefully. Then Friday we're spending the weekend at a condo in Newport Beach.


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