Saturday, October 31, 2015

good movies about food or cooking

I've been unemployed a lot this year because that's just how freelancing lately has worked out and one of the interesting side effects of that fact is how much I have to cook. There's another post stewing in my head called 'habits of the freelance unemployed' but one of those habits is eating in. I've been in a food rut for a few years now with life in flux as it has been but nothing makes me want to shake the shackles of the mundane meal like a film about food. Here's my favorites.

Ratatouille. Pixar's enchanting and under appreciated film about a rat who dreams of being a chef. Or as Alison describes it: "It's about rats. And cooking. And acceptance."
Julie & Julia. One of the rare films that I was able to read both books of (which Alison also told me to do). Watching this movie always makes me want to move to Paris and take cooking lessons.
Chocolat. Just delightful. I haven't seen it in a long time but it found a new way into the conscience of America when it was referenced in I Love You Man. Stupid
Waitress. I watched it again when Alice was a baby and bawled like one thinking about my little lady who someday I hope to learn to bake pies with. The first time we saw this, Alison and I desperately needed pie after so save yourself the hassle of trying to think of a place that sells pies at midnight in Los Angeles and end up in Marie Callendar's on Wilshire (this is before pies were cool) and make sure you have pie on hand before you watch it. I'm sensing a trend with Alison now and this must be where I got the nickname I gave her.
Sideways. There's been a rash of movies about wine lately but this one really got things going back in the day and has led to my prejudice against merlot. I'm not big on red wine to this day but this movie could almost talk me into a pinot noir
Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I just saw this for the first time and it's so beautiful it could induce tears. It's a true testament to the power of cinema because I loathe seafood in any and all forms but it makes me want to visit Jiro's sushi restaurant just once to see what all the fuss is about. It's a tale of passion, madness, obsession, family, legacy, and life. Foreign cinema always end up being a fantastic cinematic experience for me because I HAVE to watch it and not have any distractions or else I'll miss things since there's reading involved. It's liberating and captivating all at the same time. 
No Reservations. This is one of those guilty pleasure ones for sure. There's a song in here that has become my cooking song and the foundation for a pretty chill playlist of mine. 
These two I have not seen but I have plans to. Chef is supposed to be pretty dope. I love me some Jon Favreau.
And Burnt is in theatres now and a potential lady's night kinda movie.
Who wants to come with? Dinner would have to happen afterwards though...

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