Friday, October 9, 2015

weekly alice cuteness

Alice is... ridiculously cute. But she's also really fun and funny and smart. And I'm totally not-biased at all, it's just a fact. She does some stuff that makes us smile like:

- when she sees that we laugh at something she did, she repeats it, trying to make us laugh again
- she figured out that a way to get something off the top of dad's head is to tilt his chin up so the thing on top of his head falls easily
- when we go somewhere new, she prefers to stay close to us and observe quietly from a distance
- she stomps her feet when we ask her too and she looks like she's dancing to 'she's a maniac'
- she twirls around and laughs while doing it
- she carries around stuffed animals when she's out of the house for comfort and security
- if she hears music, she starts bopping her head and doing this elvis pelvic thrust
- she gets the hand sanitizer and touches it and then proceed to pretend rub it on her hands and arms
- she walks around on tippy toe often which both my parents have told me i used to do as a kid
and, she figured out how to grab me by the hand and lead me to where she wants to go
The hand thing just kills me. It's so cute! Nobody told me that having a kid would be so fun. Anyway, I wouldn't have believed them, nothing can prepare you for how much joy children bring.

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