Saturday, October 3, 2015

living room wall art shake up 2015

We bought a few attraction posters on our last trip to Disneyland and framed and put them on this here wall. The walls in the living room had been bugging me for awhile but I never knew what to do about it so after this went up I just took everything down on all the walls and then started over. 
The recent change for the better was that we moved the table that had been behind the couch to the wall instead because Alice kept reaching for everything and pulling things down and knocking things over but now... much better. It's a little cluttered right now and I hastily took the pictures but this is what reality is. Someday nice photo books may sit in that bottom shelf. Someday.
What to put above the table right? I would like a big a$$ mirror. It would work well to bounce some light from the front door, a place to check yourself out before you go out the door, and I would love to use it as a white board for when people come over to write the menu, a greeting, or whatnot.
I really like something like this mirror. It's really big, has that antique but modern look  and I could use the little squares where one could be for drinks, appetizers, main dishes, and deserts. The problem is it ain't cheap so there's of course a cheaper Ikea option which is okay but not as perfect.
Oh, also in the corner is looking slightly better after we put doors on the bookshelf. Ikea changed the doors and while it threw us for a loop at first, it allowed us to be able to keep the amount of shelves we wanted in there and keep the doors too. A rare victory.
As you can see there is still a shelf exposed for the music/TV DVDs that Alice keeps trying to take down so I was thinking of mounting a shelf above the TV to hide those extra ones which would allow me some space up top to put some decorative thingamabobs or geeky things for Matt. Then eventually mount the TV to the wall.
This wall is still a work in progress. 
Sorry for the crappy pictures, this was all very train of thought. I think I'll work on sourcing some pretty images to make up for it. 

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