Wednesday, October 7, 2015

that darn rug again

A few years ago I bought this rug that was pretty everything. Only one thing. My dumb idiotic self instead of going for a 5x7 that I had in my shopping cart ready to roll went for an 8x10 that is just... out of control big. It never quite worked in the living room. It never quite worked in the nursery (the size of it made her small room so HOT), and now, it's in the office for lack of options. I had considered it going in here awhile ago but nixed it because of the cats but I just don't care anymore. 

Of course the cats love it, it's soft and nice to nap on and it doesn't look too bad in here. The scale is pretty off though and I could have started it at the foot of the couch but that would make it almost hit the litter box area and that was too close for comfort. See the bottom edge of wood... that gives me about 2 feet of wood where the litter can fly before it hits rug. I need that buffer.
The rug in here reminds me of how just freaking big the room is. I could almost put another little bench or couch or chairs across from the sofa. It's that big.
That coffee table almost disappears doesn't it? I guess it works since there's already so many other pieces of furniture in the office, as I had planned.
I was going to write, now let's see how long before the cats barf on it but they already tried to before I moved them out of the way. I have no hope for this rug's survival. Oh well...

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