Monday, December 28, 2015

family fotos from the front yard of the farm

Last week as we got home from visiting a friend we hung in the front yard so Alice could use her little slide and we were all looking decent so I called in a pro (our tenant) to help us snag some family fotos. My ideal kind of photo shoot: unplanned. 
Alice was in a terrific mood and super cooperative plus she knows and loves the photographer so she was just hamming it up and would do things we weren't asking her to do like just sitting on the bench.
This one is such a gem, it captured her little thoughtful state so well. 
It looks like I'm still off this week and as we're all still recovering from a busy bunch of days we're just gonna chill at home and enjoy our new toys (Alice got a little Ikea kitchen and lots of puzzle boards, Matt got a dope video game, and I got copper mugs). I want to go into every nook and cranny in the house and give it my usual end of the year purge since I'm in the mood to get rid of stuff. 

How was everyone's Christmas? Do you guys get that desire to get rid of stuff at the end of the year?

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Michelle said...

Alice is so pretty. I love her.