Wednesday, December 16, 2015

the festive farm: christmas 2015 decorations

The Christmas decor this year was pretty light due to our live-in destroyer of things. She's actually done much better than I expected but I still took very few chances. 
We went with a smaller tabletop tree for the living room this year since honestly with the new couch and all her toys, there's very little room for a big tree and I was worried that having it in her usual play area would result in a tree on the floor or on top of her. I would have bought a real tiny tree if we weren't so tight on cash this year but the little white tree served its purpose once more.
I went with simple black and gold ornaments all made of plastic.
And under the tree went the adorable color coordinated gifts.
The dining nook served its seasonal decorative purpose. I hung up those black and white garlands over the windows too.
And I put mistletoe up above the door a-la While You Were Sleeping.
Putting the big tree in the office meant that Alice wasn't looking at it all the time which I think helped her not be forced to try and redecorate it all day every day. On it went the fun colorful family ornaments and maybe next year will be the year I get a big white tree.
Did the usual little kid stockings on the cart.... which I think I just bought for no reason, there are not two kids in our house yet, fear not.
And the rest...
These giant wrapped presents are just a prop I used for the social media Christmas card photo and I like them so much maybe I can keep using them for years to come.
I set up the top of the sideboard with some cute Christmas things for her too including a play nativity set from Jill last year and the little Target advent tree. 
I got super lazy about the advent calendar. I was putting the amount of cheerios the day was in there and then... maybe I'll finish off the countdown with her. Right?
I'm totally jinxing myself by writing this but she hasn't show interest in the presents under the tree. Yet. "But the word Yet..."
I also put a wreath in the laundry room and the front door, a Charlie Brown tree in our bedroom, a tinier white tree in her room, and I think that's it. Matt's a fan of less is more and I was a fan of less effort. Ho Ho Ho.

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