Monday, December 14, 2015

a lady's work is never done

The holidays are fun and games for a lot of people but for serious, it's a bit of a to do for women and moms. While the dads are playing video games or golfing, moms are doing the brunt of the Christmas work. Baking cookies, decorating the house for the Holidays, planning activities for the kids, planning parties, going to parties, taking family photos, sending Christmas cards, and buying and wrapping presents because you know you can't trust on the men to take on that responsibility. 
Which is why it's 3am and I'm now going to bed. It's just one of those tasks that has to happen when Alice is sleeping because although she's been like, way too well behaved this holiday season around the tree and the presents underneath it, she is not going to sit idly by while wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and ribbon are within reach.

We've had a bit of a lull with work again so luckily I don't have to pretend to be a functioning grown-up after staying up 'til 3am. I think I'm done with the brunt of holiday things so now we can plan fun things to do as a family and then do them at our own pace. Only two more weeks until Christmas and then three more weeks and this year is over. A big recap is coming, spoiler alert: things happened.

Good luck to all the ladies out there getting things done!!

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