Thursday, February 11, 2016


My sister Mari's baby shower this weekend went great. She and her hubby were so grateful and loved all the details. I'll give a full recap of the event next week. 
I can't believe that once her son arrives, all 5 of us will have kids. CRAZY.
In other equally (not really) exciting news today I fit into size 8 pants I haven't been able to fit into in months. You know, losing weight is a money saver because I have been wanting to wear grey pants and by losing weight I was able to fit into the ones I already owned. 
I've been a little less strict with the food than I have the first month and all this weight loss has been only with diet. I hope to add exercise in there to help the process along but I'm just blown away by how much weight I've lost just by eating healthy and restricting sugar. Bananas. I mean, that's crazy, not that I've eaten a banana. Bananas are disgusting.

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