Thursday, March 17, 2016

kitchen layout layout it's all about the layout

Our tiny kitchen will be a great thing to update once that happens and the most important thing I'd love to change for it is the layout of it which presents a challenge. As a refresher, here's what it looks like. This is the L shape with the stove and sink.
And here's the opposite side with the fridge and large cabinetry wall that hold a LOT of serve ware and the fridge and very narrow pantry.
One of the things I told Matt right away was that while we wait for a remodel, I need more workable surface in the kitchen and though he resisted me on it, we bought a mini island in the meantime and I was right too 'cause I use it all the time and it's three years in and still no remodel. But it did tell me that when it comes to a future layout of our kitchen a sizeable island is a must have. 

Much like the rest of America, we want to eventually create an "open concept" living area with the kitchen/living/dining all in one big space. In other words this middle part of the house that houses our dining nook and coat closet would be moved somewhere else and it would be a big open area. 
There's this graphic I found somewhere about island floor plans and that's what I'd love to do but I don't have the space for it since this assumes you have a wall long enough to have everything on one wall and we have a door to contend with and that wall of cabinetry.
Since we are all visual learners, here's what I'm thinking is somewhat close to what an island setup might look like for us with the caveat that this kitchen is larger than ours is of course so it would be a miniature version of this. 
The other idea... and this is tricky because it's the same kitchen I just flipped the image back to it's original layout... move the sink to the wall along where the current cabinetry is because that side is close to the yard and then I would be able to get ta-da A WINDOW in the kitchen which we do not have. Just imagine a doorway to the right of the stove and that's what we have to work with. Then the cabinetry and fridge would be on the opposite side wall. I really like this idea because it gives us a window but also because the sink would be within Alice keeping an eye on distance. Currently doing the dishes for poor Matt means he has his back to her so this would be nice to be able to watch her while he's washing her sippy cup. Also this allows for some open shelving for decorative purposes and a space for a coffee bar situation to the right of the sink. And... did I mention a WINDOW?
Of course, this is all just speculation until we meet with a contractor and really outweigh the good and the bad of each layout and structural challenges (load bearing walls, etc.). But it's fun pretending that this would be happening sooner rather than later. 

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