Friday, January 6, 2017

top 5 home items for 2017

Last year I kept it a minimum for a wishlist for the house and I got three out of five (no new toaster or big mirror) and that seemed simple enough so here's a list for this year

1) Hand Mixer. I have a stand mixer but I really need a smaller one for smaller jobs.
2) New Toaster. I still want a new 4 slice one.
3) Letter board. It's the new chalkboard.
4) Better Baby Gates. Once the baby gets mobile I want gates that I can open without having to jump over them and preferably the kind that retract.
5) New TV stand.
What with a three month maternity leave coming after I have this kid I doubt we'll be in a financial situation to buy anything but diapers but hey, maybe I'll work more after that and make money?

One can dream.

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