Monday, January 4, 2016

my top 5 home items for 2016

I've told Matt that in lieu of a bunch of small updates for the house, I'd rather save up so we can do a big gut job for the guest bath. That's not to say there's a few smaller items I wouldn't mind buying.

I keep changing out the front door mat seasonally but I'm over it (except for summer). Just a simple front door rug with our initial would be cool. I was thinking of having it say The Fredrich Family Farm but I dunno if I want our name outside of our home that way. I'm thinking it would be a good candidate for a DIY situation. 
Recently Alice has gotten into the habit of grabbing the corner of the living room TV and trying to move it which is scary. It's secured to the unit for baby and earthquake but I'd like to just mount the thing to the wall and just keep it away from her. For the record, while Matt is the designated male of the family, when it comes to gadgetry I'm always at the forefront when encouraging upgrades. I wanted a wireless sound system right away when we got married but the prices weren't right and the technology was a few years away from when we eventually bought the Sonos system we know and love now. To his credit when we moved into the house he's the one that suggested the particular system and I heartily agreed. That was pre-baby/low-cash life. Memories.
Some cool new bedding for our bedroom would be nice to have. Our current one is fine and dandy but I've got the hankering for some fluffy duvet action. 
We've had the same toaster since our wedding and it's probably going to die soon so a new slim four slice toaster would be good. I'm just not sure if I should go for a silver color to go with all the other major appliances or a black one to go with the smaller appliances. 
This is my numero uno thing I want for the house. Big mirror over the sofa table, which I wrote about in this post. All in due time.
I have a list of a few tools and mini things for myself like a custom address stamp for the family, enamel frying pan, new waffle maker, and large crockpot but that's another post.

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