Monday, May 30, 2011

thanks for taking me back to the past internet

One of the best things about the internet and all internet related technologies is the ability it has to take you into the past. The past few weeks off while I should have been thinking about my future and what I'd like to do with my life well I avoided all news stories, any relevant things happening in the world and in my life and spent my days watching old sitcoms and tv shows. I watched the entire Season 5 of Golden Girls which still makes me laugh, Ally McBeal since God bless Netflix they have the whole show on it, and I went even further back in time to The Cosby Show and Facts of Life. I had no idea that The Cosby Show was such an important part of my husband's life. He knew episodes so well and I realized aside from the scene where Cliff teaches Theo about money through monopoly I don't know jack about The Cosby Show. And being a fan of pop culture that I am I attempted to remedy that. That show is pretty hilarious, Dr. Cosby is a genius.
Of course pinterest helped since people pin things from their childhood that they find on the internet and on Sunday I spent awhile in a blog that shows pics of retro food, shows, toys, and games. That's maybe the best thing about the internet. I hope we have the internet backed up so we can recreate the important things of society in case of an apocalypse (which I must've missed since I'm avoiding all current events). Things like Poochie.
Teen spirit ads. Do they still sell Teen Spirit? What a genius product, they all have to buy deodorant anyway why not make something and say it's just for them and they HAVE to buy it.
Lisa Frank was such a thing because it was stationery. Something I'm still obsessed with. Though not so bright...
Did you guys ever eat these? I seem to recall them being very good, though I was a teen when I ate them and we all know teenagers are stupid and don't know crap.
What is it about the things we consumed and wanted as kids that make it that much more endearing? Nowadays I lust for things like a striped gazebo and a purse that has a flamingo on it. BORING! Nothing like a dog with pink ears that stamps its image from his butt on notes you can send your friends. It's also amazing how your memory works. I haven't thought about dolly pops in decades but just the sight of them and I remember their little snap on clothes and hair you could brush.
Adulthood is not that full of wonderment but then you get to relive it when kids come around and they think Sesame Street is as incredible as you once did.

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